Are you thinking about doing a Facet5 Personality Profile assessment?

Or are you thinking about becoming accredited in the tool?

In this video I’ll explain why Facet5 is one of my favourite personality profiling tools. I’ll go through the questions that I use during my debriefs and show you how to work through a self assessment with someone that you are debriefing.

This video is not sponsored by Facet5, I’ve made it because I think it will help other HR practitioners, HR students and anyone else who is interested in personal development.

0:00 Introduction
1:09 What is Facet5?
1:49 How I Debrief: The Introduction
2:46 Scoring and Norms
4:05 Self-Assessment
4:26 Self-Assessment Demonstration
4:35 Factor: Will
5:23 Factor: Energy
6:08 Factor: Affection
7:01 Factor: Control
7:43 Factor: Emotionality
8:32 Results and Discussion: Strengths and Risks
9:44 Will Factor Example Debrief
11:50 Close with Call to Action Questions

If you ever get the opportunity to do a Facet5 assessment, do it. It will add a lot of value to your life.


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