Wondering whether your Facebook ads are working? Not sure which metrics to track? Facebook Ads expert Amanda Bond shares 7 metrics to watch: Return on Ad Spend, Purchase Conversion Value, Cost per Purchase, Earnings per Lead or Click, Number of Leads or Clicks, Cost per Lead, and Click-Through Rate.

You’ll learn what each metric represents, how to calculate it, and where to find the reporting data you need in Facebook Ads Manager.

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00:00 Intro
01:05 Calculate Return on Ad Spend (RAOS)
03:31 Calculate Purchase Conversion Value
05:15 Calculate Cost per Purchase
06:25 Calculate Earnings per Lead or Click
07:25 Calculate Number of Leads or Clicks
7:54 Calculate Cost per Lead
08:37 Calculate Click-Through Rate
10:25 Customize Facebook Ads Manager to Show These Metrics

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