Creating a High Performing Team Culture presented by Dr Charles Cotter

Presentation of the 4 stages of team maturity, namely: forming, storming, norming and performing and the typical characteristics of each stage.

Identifying, measuring and diagnosing the 10 characteristics of a high performing team culture (Cotter, 2020):

1. Creating a cohesive, mature and high performing (HIPO) team culture;
2. Establishing team norms, values and constructive role allocation;
3. Applying effective and innovative problem-solving processes and practices;
4. Demonstrating effective decision-making practices and processes and actively promoting group consensus when engaging with key team decisions;
5. Practicing collaborative communication, principles of constructive dialogue and critical conversations;
6. Promoting diversity and inclusivity of all team members as team assets;
7. Practicing functional. Constructive and amicable conflict resolution and -management processes;
8. Enhancing team relationships, based on a foundation of trust, rapport and mutual respect;
9. Promoting team competence, high degree of personal effectiveness and motivation;
10. Promoting a high impact learning (HILO) team culture, generous knowledge sharing and skills transfer.

Identify the stage of your work team’s maturity at your organization. Refer to the link: