Corporate Culture And Performance

Corporate culture is often blamed for massive business failures and given credit for huge successes. We talked to nearly 2,000 executives to learn their views on corporate culture. We use this information to discern whether culture deserves all this credit and blame. (It does). In our research project, we provide a framework that helps us explore just what corporate culture is, what parts of a company culture affects and how, and what a company should do to improve its culture.

You can learn more about this research into corporate culture through the two papers published by John Graham, Campbell R. Harvey (J. Paul Sticht Professor of International Business at Fuqua), Jill Popadak (Assistant Professor of Finance at Fuqua) and Shivaram Rajgopal (Professor at Columbia Business School) as a result of this study.

Much of the above can be considered component parts which contribute to the overall company culture. Company culture can therefore play a significant role in how the organisation behaves or wants to behave as it executes its business plan – does it want to reach the objectives come what may and at all cost or does it want to enjoy the journey and deliver a rewarding, inspirational and career enhancing experience for the team?