How crazy is this? Most people don’t enter #leadershipdevelopment programs until they are in their 40’s, yet they actually become leaders of people in their 20’s and 30’s!

Imagine taking someone like a Federer, LeBron, or one of the Williams sisters and teaching them how to become good at their sport only after they’ve reached their 40’s!

This means that most #leaders out there actually spend around 10-15 years leading others before they are actually taught how to #lead. It’s no wonder that so many employees around the world are not engaged in their jobs, we simply don’t have enough leaders out there who are taught how to lead effectively.

This is because of the outdated “climb the corporate ladder” mentality which has been around for decades. The idea is you can only be taught how to lead after you spend many years working for the company, which we all know is now no longer the case.

The question is, why wouldn’t you want ALL of your people to know how to practice things like #empathy thinking like a #futurist #coaching and #mentoring embracing #curiosity and the many other #skills and #mindsets that 140 top #ceos told me are crucial for the future #leader?

I wrote about all of these in my new book, The Future Leader,

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